scam email

Delayed messages phishing/malware emails: Skype, Google +, Facebook

We have recently received three very similar phishing/malware attack emails, one pretending to be from Google +, one from Skype and one from Facebook.

They all have the similar subject line of 'You have delayed messages'.

The emails are unsophisticated (the from addresses and links in them are obviously not from who they say they are) but do use real logos.

Scam email: Transglobal Express - Shipping Documentation (TG-1569311)

Watch out for this fake email with attached malware-in-a-document, purportedly from Transglobal Express.

At this time of year, scam emails about supposed deliveries are particularly effective, as people and businesses are expecting parcels and other delivered items to arrive. Be on your guard and don't assume a delivery notification is genuine - especially if it requests that you download an attachment.

Phishing Alert: Lloyds bank 'login details suspended' email

Watch out for this phishing email pretending to be from Lloyds Bank Internet Banking Unit.

It tells you that your login details have been suspended and asks you to click a link to reset them.

It is a very unsophisticated phishing attempt, with no branding, an obviously fake web address (using a shortened web address) and an obviously fake from email address.

It does however take the 'to' name from your email account settings, so instead of just being addressed generically ('Dear customer' etc), it uses your name too.

Abcam Despatch scam email

If you receive an email 'from' Abcam Despatch (and haven't recently ordered any research antibodies) ignore it - it's a scam.

It just shows that even niche pharmaceutical research supplies companies are not immune (no pun intended) from scammers trying to pose as them, in an attempt to trick unsuspecting people and businesses into downloading malware onto their computers. The email has an Excel sheet attached which will contain malware, so don't open it.

This email, first seen 24/11/15, has the subject line Abcam Despatch [CCE5303255]  and reads:

eFax scam email alert

Watch out for an email notifying you that you have a fax 'from' eFax, which includes an attached 'document' - it's spam and the document will contain malware.

Email subject line is 'Fax message from "unknown" - 1 page(s)'

The email shown here was first seen 23/11/15 and reads as follows:

You have received a 1 page fax at Mon, 23 Nov 2015 15:36:46 +0100 .

* The reference number for this fax is latf1_did12-13081234973-8882343633-79.

Postcode Anywhere scam email alert

What out for this scam email purporting to be from 'Postcode Anywhere', which includes an attached Excel sheet with a malware macro.

Don't open or download the attachment.

Email reads as follows:

Thanks for your order!
Your payment was successfully processed and £120.00 was debited from your Visa card on 19 November 2015 (authorisation code: AUTH CODE:008018).. Thank you for your business, we appreciate it. Please find your VAT receipt attached for your records. Please retain this in case of any queries.