UPS Delivery Confirmation Alert scam email

With the festive season approaching and a simply staggering number of transactions being made online, scammers and fraudsters will use every trick they can think of to lure you into giving away personal details or downloading viruses and other malware onto your computer.

Expect to see more and more cases of scam emails, pretending to be from couriers and online shops. With ever more parcels being ordered online (and delivered by couriers), these emails can easily catch people out. Be on your guard and be very suspicious of any email - however convinving it looks - that requires you to open an attachment to view details of the package you have supposedly ordered.

This email, pretending to be from UPS, is a great example. First seen 24/11/15, 'from' UPS Quantum View with the title UPS Delivery Confirmation Alert, the email reads as follows:

Amazon has requested that we send you this delivery confirmation alert. The shipment(s) listed below have been delivered over the past 24 hours.

Delivery Confirmation Details

For more detailed information, please see the attached doc.

This email has a document attached that will contain malware, so don't open it. The copy we have seen was sent from a French IP address.


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