Phishing Alert: Lloyds bank 'login details suspended' email

Watch out for this phishing email pretending to be from Lloyds Bank Internet Banking Unit.

It tells you that your login details have been suspended and asks you to click a link to reset them.

It is a very unsophisticated phishing attempt, with no branding, an obviously fake web address (using a shortened web address) and an obviously fake from email address.

It does however take the 'to' name from your email account settings, so instead of just being addressed generically ('Dear customer' etc), it uses your name too.

Email has the subject line [your name] LloydsBank.RestrictionCode 171863 and reads as follows:

LloydsBank :Dear customer,   [your name]
9200117 :
We're sorry but your login details have been suspended. Please click here for verification
Please have your account details
[your name]
Internet Banking Unit 

Obviously, do not click the link - it leads to a phishing site which attempts to trick you into giving away your online banking details.

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