eFax scam email alert

Watch out for an email notifying you that you have a fax 'from' eFax, which includes an attached 'document' - it's spam and the document will contain malware.

Email subject line is 'Fax message from "unknown" - 1 page(s)'

The email shown here was first seen 23/11/15 and reads as follows:

You have received a 1 page fax at Mon, 23 Nov 2015 15:36:46 +0100 .

* The reference number for this fax is latf1_did12-13081234973-8882343633-79.

You can view your fax by opening the attached file.

Please visit [link removed] if you have any questions regarding this message or your service. You may also e-mail our corporate support department at [email address removed]

Thank you for using the eFax Corporate service! 

Don't open the attached document, it's malware.

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