Beware fake online survey sites

We all know that the 'earn money online' market is full of scammers and awash with bullsh*t, but there are a few legitimate ways to earn a few quid online in your spare time.

One of the more popular ways to do this is by completing online surveys, and there are a large number of websites you can find that offer this opportunity.

Sadly, this sector is quite definitely not immune to scammers, and you need to be careful which sites you sign up to.

Avoiding being scammed here is actually quite straightforward, simply by following two golden rules: the first  (as you should know by now) is of course "if it sounds to good to be true, it is." Any site that tells you you're going to make a fortune taking online surveys is bound to be a fake. Online surveys typically don't pay much (generally anything from 20p - £1.50 per survey, depending upon the website and the length of individual surveys) and almost all sites require you to complete several surveys before you can get a payout. The very last thing that taking online surveys is is a get rich quick scheme.

The second golden rule is: Never, ever, ever pay to join an online survey site. Any online survey site that requires you to pay to access their surveys is a scam. At best, you'll lose a little cash for signing up (and probably won't get any surveys anyway); at worst, your details could be shared with other scammers and criminals, and you may even find the site attempts to download malware onto your computer.

If you are thinking of taking online surveys to earn a little extra, then this blog is a good place to find the top 5 or so survey sites. For more survey site suggestions, take a look at this page on the Money Saving Expert website, which lists 26 online survey sites that they recommend. You'll also find more information about other legitimate ways to earn extra cash online elsewhere on the Money Saving Expert website, which is an excellent resource.

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