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Romance and dating scams

Romance Scams: 8 Red Flags You Need to Know

Online dating sites have enabled countless people worldwide find that special someone. But, within the vast realm of potential matches and genuine connections, lurks a pernicious threat: romance scams. These scams have witnessed an alarming surge, leaving broken hearts, and depleted bank accounts. This article unveils the escalating threat of romance scams and arms you […]

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Phishing and smishing scams

Phishing Email Red Flags: 10 Signs That Message is a Scam

Phishing email has emerged as a serious and all-too-common threat to our online security. Phishing emails are emails from scammers, cunningly designed to trick people into revealing their login credentials, or other personal information such as bank card details. These fraudulent emails often imitate legitimate communications from trusted sources, exploiting users’ trust to manipulate them […]

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Online shopping scams

Facebook Marketplace Scams and How to Avoid Them

Facebook Marketplace has transformed the way people buy and sell items, offering a convenient platform to connect with local buyers and sellers. However, with the ease of online transactions comes the risk of falling victim to Facebook Marketplace scams. Fraudsters have found crafty ways to exploit this platform, leaving unsuspecting users vulnerable to financial loss […]