scam email

Fake WhatsApp New Voicemessage scam email

If you receive a 'WhatsApp New voicemessage' email, do not open it and under no circumstances click the 'Play' button it contains - it's a scam.

The email itself looks quite convincing design-wise but is very unsophisticated - the send address is clearly not a WhatsApp email address and the web address that the Play button links to is also clearly not a WhatsApp URL. Also, WhatsApp do not store messages on their servers anyway.

USPS 'Your package delivery has failed' scam email

If you receive this email 'from' USPS (from address do not open it or download the attached document, it's a scam and the doc will contain malware.

If you're living outside the US, the US Postal Service is highly unlikely to contact you for any reason!

Email first seen 17/11/15. Content reads as follows:

Dear customer,

Your package delivery has failed because no person was present at your address.

Status :


Just Eat warning over scam survey emails

Just Eat, the online take-away ordering service, have issued a warning over scam survey emails that are tricking some customers into giving away personal data to fraudsters.

The emails, like the one pictured, claim that some Just Eat customers have been selected to receive a £10 reward for completing an online survey. They ask the recipient to confirm their details and click a button to start the survey.

American Airlines eTicket email scam

Watch out for this fake eTicket email, supposedly from American Airlines. It has an attached document which contains malware. Do not open the attachment.

Content reads as follows (the weird question mark symbols are part of the text and just mean that the email client can't display the original character):

Thank you for choosing American Airlines / American Eagle, a member of the oneworld Alliance.��Below are your itinerary and receipt for the ticket(s) purchased.��Please print and retain this document for use throughout your trip.

Fake PHS email with attached document virus

Quite professional and convincing-looking (and sounding) email supposedly from PHS, with an attched virus in a Word Doc. First seen 26/10/15.

Its impact may be mitigated somewhat by it including non-working images.

It purports to come from and reads as follows:

Delivery of new PHS document(s)

Dear Customer

Due to a temporary issue with delivering your document(s) via your online account, please find the attached in DOC format for your convenience.