scam calls

Scam Alert: Ministry of Justice scam calls

There have been a large number of reports recently that fraudsters are calling people up, claiming to be from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ).

These scam callers are telling potential victims that they are due a reward, compensation or a grant.

This is a scam - the MoJ will never call you out of the blue to discuss any of these issues.

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from the MoJ, put the phone down and do not disclose any personal information.

Number Spoofing scam

A scam which attempts to fool people into thinking a fraudulent caller is legitimate is becoming increasingly common.

'Number spoofing' is a trick whereby fraudsters are able to display a different number on your phone to the one they are actually calling from. This means that a scammer can call you, pretending to be from your bank (or other trustworthy organisation) and the number that appears on your phone will actually be the real phone number of the organisation they are pretending to be from.

Wrong Council Tax bracket scam

There are reports of fraudsters calling victims to tell them they have been placed in the wrong Council Tax bracket and are due a large refund (this figure varies but is around £7000). Fraudsters are targeting the over 60s, predominantely in the Sussex area, although it is highly likely that their net will spread further-afield.

Victims are asked to pay an advance admin fee, ranging from £60 - £350, to release this payment.