Scam Alert: Bogus Trading Standards officers

This was reported in Warwickshire but could also easily be happening elsewhere, so be vigilant, especially if you have been the victim of a rogue trader or other doorstep scammer.

There have been reports that householders who have previously been the victims of cowboys or rogue traders are being visited by bogus Trading Standards officers, who have fake ID. 

It is well known that scam victims end up on so-called 'suckers lists' that are shared, bought and sold amongst scammers and fraudsters. If you've been scammed once, you're highly likely to be targeted again (and again) so please be on your guard.

In this attempted scam, the visitor told the householder that the rogue trader they had fallen victim to was now facing prosecution, and the householder was entitled to compensation as a result.

The catch? They could only claim this compensation after the completion of a building survey, which would require £5000-worth of hired equipment. The resident would have to pay this cost in order for the survey to go ahead.

In this case, the resident refused to pay the money, and was called soon after by someone else claiming to be from Warwickshire Trading Standards, who told them that they were 'holding the case up' by not paying. The caller became quite aggressive.

Warwickshire Trading Standards have issued the following advice: 
Warwickshire Trading Standards Service are highly unlikely to visit a consumer's home unless they have already been asked to by the consumer or a trusted friend or relative. Warwickshire Trading Standards will NEVER ask a consumer for money. Consumers should always ask for identification and if in any doubt, phone Warwickshire Trading Standards on a publicly listed telephone number to verify an individual's identity. If in doubt, keep your door closed and call the Police

If you've been targeted by a similar scam, contact you local Trading Standards team. 

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