Abcam Despatch scam email

If you receive an email 'from' Abcam Despatch (and haven't recently ordered any research antibodies) ignore it - it's a scam.

It just shows that even niche pharmaceutical research supplies companies are not immune (no pun intended) from scammers trying to pose as them, in an attempt to trick unsuspecting people and businesses into downloading malware onto their computers. The email has an Excel sheet attached which will contain malware, so don't open it.

This email, first seen 24/11/15, has the subject line Abcam Despatch [CCE5303255]  and reads:

Dear customer

The confirmation invoice for order 1366976 is attached.

Please let me know if you need any other paperwork.

Best regards,

Nimisha Patel
Marketing Assistant
Abcam plc 

The email header reveals that it was sent from a Sri Lankan IP address.

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