Postcode Anywhere scam email alert

What out for this scam email purporting to be from 'Postcode Anywhere', which includes an attached Excel sheet with a malware macro.

Don't open or download the attachment.

Email reads as follows:

Thanks for your order!
Your payment was successfully processed and £120.00 was debited from your Visa card on 19 November 2015 (authorisation code: AUTH CODE:008018).. Thank you for your business, we appreciate it. Please find your VAT receipt attached for your records. Please retain this in case of any queries.

Your service is ready to use.

Account balance topped up: £100.00 credit added

Kind Regards

The Postcode Anywhere Team

For help and support call:

Support: 0800 047 0493
Sales: 0800 047 0495
International: +44 1905 888 550

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Thanks for sharing, this is really helpful. Just to reiterate your point this email has not been sent from Postcode Anywhere and has nothing to do with them.

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